care for others 英语作文100字


    care for others
care for others is a small things to ourselves , but it cloud be a unforgettable things  throughout other`s life,
I still remember an event happend in my high school days , once I was take part in 
my high school sports meet for my class , run 3000 meter ,it's a long run and i canhardly  complete it ,but when my runing , all the classmate encourage for me ,they say come on, come on ,and someone run with me ,it make me to complete the race ,when i arrive at end ,teacher and classmates care for me carefully ,give me water ,make me walk slowly ,from then on ,i love to run.
 so care for others ,and you will get others care and friendships in return.




My mother is sixty-three years old, and for the last forty year she has been the village doctor. All the village people know and trust my mother because she is such experienced friend of theirs.

I love my school英语作文100字


I love my school very much. I have many fellows there. They are all my good friends. We help each other on study and play together. My teachers are all kind and good. They really teach well. In my school, there are big buildings,green trees and pretty flowers. I love my school because of all the reasons I mentioned above.

I love my school very much. With help of my teachers,I learned a lot there. My teachers are all knowledgeable and kind. I really respect and love them. I also have many good friends there. We help each other on study and play together. I feel happy when I stay with them. My school has good surroundings. When we are having classes, it's quiet outside. The playgroungd is big. The trees and flowers are beautiful. I love my school because of all the things I mentioned above.


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