Now I’d like to talk to you about your final exam. The exam will be held next Thursday, the last day of the exam week. Remember to bring two of three pens in case you run out of ink. And unlike the midterm exam, this test will not include multiple --- choice questions; it will consist entirely of essays(文章). You’ll have to answer three of the five essay questions. The exam will be comprehensive (全面的), which means you’ll be responsible for all of the subject matters we covered in class this term, I would suggest you review your midterm exam as well as textbooks and your class notes. The final exam will count as 50 percent of your grade of the course. The research project (项目) will count as 20 percent and the midterm exam 30 percent. I’ll be in my office almost all day next Tuesday. If you run into any problems, please drop in. Good luck to you and I’ll see you on Tuesday. 现在我想跟你谈一下你的期末考试.考试会在下周四进行,考试周的最后一天.记得带两三支钢笔,以防没墨水.还有,不像期中考试,这次考试不包括多项选;它会包括整篇文章.你将不得不回答三到五个关于文章的问题.考试会更全面,我建议你复习一下课本里的中考内容和课堂笔记.期末考会在你的年纪里算百分之五十的分值.研究项目占百分之二十,还有中考占百分之三十.我整天会留在办公室里直到下周二.如果你遇到困难,请来找我.祝你好远,我会在星期二见你的.

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在生活中,朋友是很重要的,它能给你带来温暖,你最好的朋友是谁呢?现在我为大家搜集整理有关my best friend的优秀英语作文,希望可以帮助到大家!

关于my best friend英语作文
I have a very good friend. His name is Philip. As far as I'm concerned, he's very kind-hearted and generous. Once I was in high school, he treated me friendly and sincerely. When I was happy, he was also happy with me. When I was sad, he always comforted me. When I was defeated, he always encouraged me. When I stumbled, he always pulled me up. Although we quarreled at times, we were still in good relationships. We could know each other better after the argument. When my birthday came, he always sent me a special present.

He's very hard-working and intelligent. He always studied hard at school. Because of his hard work, he always did very well in exams. His oral English was better than mine. Most of the time, he was willing to chat with me in English. Owing to his help, I made a lot of progress in oral English.


优秀作文my best friend
My best friend is Mary. And yesterday was Mary’s birthday. After class, we walked home together. We talked for a long time and had an appointment. We would be friends forever. We all said that no matter what happens in the future, we will be friends forever. We were neighbors and we played together when we started to remember things. We often heard the adults say that many things will change as we grow up. But we believe our friendship will not change forever, so we have our deal.

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I have a lot of friends in Simon English School. One of them is my best friend. His name is boyd.

He and I are both thirteen years old. but I am older than he, and I am fatter than he too. He is shorter than I, and he is thinner than I. He wears a pair of glasses but I don‘t.

He likes to eat pocket-food, and he is a gentleman in a sense that when he has pock-food he will share them with us.

He and I are in the same school and in the same class. So, we can help each other. We always play in the school together. he likes to do things that I like. He lives in the Ningbo Jiangdong, so he hardly came to my home in Zhenhai but I alway go to his home on weekends and he sometimes will come to my home on weekends. Sometimes we will fight but we always get along well.

His mother is a doctor in the Li-Hui-Li hospital and I know where her office is. His father is a worker in the Bei-Lun power plant. He is a head of a group. So, his father has a lot of work to do.

He and I are in the same school. We usually have a good time so he is my best friend.








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